Monday, November 5, 2012

Hope Dream Come True. InsyaAllah.

Dear My Beloved Mr. A..

I never planned on falling in love with you but it already happened ! Everytime I meet you, I'll be falling in love with you. why? because you complete my life. being with you make my world become colourful. seeing you make my day become brighter. hearing your voice, your laugh, your joke make my heart feel so in love with you. only you can understand me better than anyone else. (sometimes :p).

Dear, i always pray to Allah hoping that we are meant to be with each other for the rest of our life. i've been dreaming of spending my whole life, everyday, every seconds being besides you. It's only you, my sweetheart. because i know, no one can replace your place in my heart.   **already tried before :l **

My Dreams :

** you are the first person that i will see every morning when i wake up from sleep.

** you are the last person that i will see before i sleep at night.

** you will always be beside me when i need you either in good or bad condition.

** you will cheers me up when i feel sad.

** you will be my Hero when i need help.

** you will be EVERYTHING to me when i need you to be my EVERYTHING !

## SAYANG, I hope you will help me to make all those dreams come true. without you, my life is meaningless. 

ME : will always love you till my last breath. that's my promise. InsyaAllah. May Allah will unite us and make our dreams come true. AMINNN :)

CC :: The one and only guy in my heart. A A H  :-*